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This site is maintained by Lloyd @ Atascadero Kayak & Sail (located on the bank of Atascadero Lake in San Luis Obispo County). In addition to our rentals of "regular" kayaks we enjoy the fast stuff. We have a hard time understanding why the general recreational (not touring) kayak population sticks with relatively slow boats. Can you imagine what the bicycle world would be like if most bikes weighed 40 pounds and had 1 speed? Once you learn to paddle a "fast kayak" with a wing paddle there is no going back (just like the first time you tried a bicycle with gears). Our site is broken into several groups - just click on the picture that interests you! Or go straight to our online catalog!


Wing Paddle Page!

*The Wing Paddle Page not only has racing kayak paddles but includes items such as: grip kits for your paddle shafts, seat padz for marathons, paddle bags, race training manuals & DVD's.


Atascadero Kayak, SUP & Pedal Boat Rentals.

Echo Park Pedalboats - Los Angeles, California

Lake Balboa Pedalboat Rentals - Van Nuys, California

"Looking Glass" Our Glass Bottom Passenger Boat in Redondo Beach.

Gondola - Bring your sweetie our for a romantic time on Echo Park Lake!

Redondo Beach Kayak, SUP & Pedal Boat Rentals.

S44 Replica The Pre WWII Submarine Replica Lloyd built.

Surf Ski Page.

Sprint boat page.


Molly Reeves Music My oldest daughters site where you can buy a CD from the "RedSkunk Jipzee Swing Band".


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* Members of the San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team (A San Diego City Junior Lifeguard Program) at the Dana Point Race. This team currently has 7 members on the USA Junior National Team! Contact Chris at kayakfast@aol.com for more info.