The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic

This is the original stroke video by Brent Reitz. Brent (a former National Kayak Champ) has been teaching a stroke clinic for years and has put his class into video format to save you the airfare of attending his class. If you are new to racing (or kayaking) you will pick up good habits and techniques without wasting years of time discovering them on your own. This Video is now available on DVD which means your can review it chapter by chapter as needed without the rewind hastle! Unless you are able to attend a paddle clinic with Brent or Greg in person, this was the best $29.95 you can spend. Now that Greg has produced his own "Kayak Forward Stroke" video it is hard to pick which one is best. Brent does spend more time on the stroke itself but Greg has some different pointers. Unless you know it all, both tapes are worth having. If you are the kind of person that wants to drop $2,500.00 on a kayak that might go a tenth of a mph faster - you might save a bunch of money buying both tapes instead of the new boat!




Hi Lloyd,

Ive watched both once. So i have probably missed a lot of things from both. I will attempt to analyse both better and do a full summary of pros and cons. At this stage though I found:

Brent's is better as its more technical and breaks down the steps better, i have been able to tweak a bit of my stroke already. I also have had past shoulder injuries so his focus on injury prevention is great. The bent arm technique seems better on my left achey shoulder. Since i own a surfki it wouldve been nice to see Brent at full tilt on a ski rather then just a kayak. Overall his delivery (communication skill) is better then the psuedo acting on the Epic dvd.

Epic has some alright tips for the surfski (waves) side but the demonstration flatwater video footage is whats available on youtube if you look, more or less. It did appeal originaly because Epic (Oscar and Greg) paddle surfskis, so wouldve thought more guru tips from them.

For beginners and injury prone (even elite) paddlers Brents is far more usefull. Ive been able to figure out one additional tip for myself in regards to paddle length using the bent arm and agravating my shoulder and or making them tired in the first place.

Regards,Ted Gudatis (Australia)

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