Epic's: "The Kayak Forward Stroke" - Video & DVD

This the second video on the market designed to help improve the forward speed of a paddler. It is different than the Brent Reitz Video in that the forward stroke is broken down into 4 steps instead of 5. Although the tape is about the same length as Brents much of the tape is spent on other really good tips. For example, you will find out why I cut the thigh braces out of my racing sea kayak. Other really good parts of the tape include the rotation section where Greg is sitting in a cut away section of kayak so you can visually see his rotation and leg work. The kayaking footage alone is worth the price of the tape. Greg's style of stroke is almost the same as Brent's except Greg's up arm is a bit straighter. I think it is worth a look at both to figure what will work out the best for you.


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