November 10th 2002

I'll be thinking of all you Vets this Monday as I'll be spending the whole day working on the S-44 replica. I had a great Summer at Atascadero Lake and shut down at the end of September. October found me sanding our house down to bare wood for a repaint. November has me working full time once again on the Project. I will be able to work full time on S-44 until June when I open up the lake full time.

At this stage I have all the frames on the strong back, sheer clamps are laminated on (what a challenge as the deck has a lot of curve in it to make room for the deck gun), the stem is on, the aft most outboard tunnel is started and I'm about halfway through installing the superstructure stringers. By the end of the month I should have these on along with the chine logs and have the sides faired in. December should see the superstructure skin go on!

Also there is a new electric outboard on the market which I may use you can view it @:

If I was to delete the underwater viewing chamber the above motor should power it and I could possibly finish it by summer. Normally, I think I would just take my time and do it with the viewing chambers and bigger motor. BUT there are some very fine WWII vets out there that might not make it to summer of 2004.

My big question for you Vets is:

Should I get the lead out of my pants and complete S-44 in time for Summer 2003 by deleting the viewing chamber? If I did this the tours on it would be primarily on deck tours - but it would run silent on the surface with the electric motor and have a great history to tell. I don't have to make this choice until I flip the hull over to do the bottom, hopefully in late January. I will also try to get some construction photos together and put them online by December. Also - if any of you are passing by the Morro Bay area feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to show you the progress!


Lloyd Reeves - (805)534-1640

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