The following photos are of my 42 foot Historic S-44 submarine replica project. This is page 2 for more information return to: Page 1 or



The hull is upsidedown now and this is Febuary 2003. I have started to frame the footwell. When the boat is rightside up this will add 18" of headroom but will require about 1500 pounds of lead to help sink it.


Here we are one week later with the footwell finished and the bottom stringers in place. Remember that unlike a real sub this one has a false bottom which will be a shallow "V" shape.


Towards the end of March,2003. The false bottom is now built. This is a shot of the stern looking into the hidden outboard well from the bottom. Forward of the outboard weel is the footwell and to give you an idea of scale - that footwell is 15 inches wide and extends more than 16 feet. From the center of the footwell it over 22' to the bow and a bit more than 20' to the stern. I will put a coat of epoxy primer on it before it is turned over.


This is the next day shot from the bow, with primer. What you can't see under the primer is the forward 3 feet of bow had to be diagonally cold molded to get the reverse curve in the front of the bow. It looked real pretty till I went and primed it.


And here we are rightside up once again! I had help from 25 folks and we rolled over by hand. (Lots of fun and I'll describe it in the late April newsletter.) You can see one of the quick build craddles underneath. You can also see where the deck gun will be mounted.



This is the scaled down Deck Gun built by Bircher Arms also completed March 2003