The following photos are of my 42 foot Historic S-44 submarine replica project. This is page 3 for more information return to: Page 1 or

It is April 2003 and I have finished the rough work on the interior. This is a shot from the galley looking forward. The cut outs are finished and waiting for the hardware - after it is put on the trailer.


Here I have the interior painted and ready for the deck beams. You can notice that I did not paint all the way up as I want the epoxy joints to be clean for the deck beams. Also you will notice a section of the hull where the interior is Gray. That area is the viewing area with the underwater portholes. It is gray to reduce reflected light from causing glare on the windows.


It is now May and in this shot you can see the deck beams in place on 10 inch centers. Below the deck is my room and on deck in this spot will be the deck gun which means that this part of the deck is the widest.


The Deck is going on nicely with epoxy, butt blocks and screws. The opening in the deck (where it looks square) is where the enlarged ammo scuttle will be. That is right in front of the con tower. It will be enlarged above scale so that passengers may enter without climbing up into the con tower.


The end of May and the deck is on!

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