The following photos are of my 42 foot Historic S-44 submarine replica project. This is the final construction page! For more information return to:


It is the first week of June, 2003 and I am building the "con tower". In this photo you can see how I am using the "stich & glue method. It is copper wires holding the two aft halfs of the tower together while the epoxy cures. After the epoxy dries the wires will be removed and the whole assembly gets glassed.


Here I have the con tower almost finished. S-44 had 2 different "sails" in its life. This is a copy of the first one - except that the ammo scuttle in the front has been enlarged to allow entry into the hull and to provide standing head room above the galley.



Next up was the bow planes. Here I have both set laminated together with a huge pice of wax paper inbetween the port and starboard sides. There are 2 locator screws which will be removed and the rest is just weights to hold things together while the epoxy cures. While I was doing this Mark (a local surf board shaper) was shaping the housings for the diving planes. Afterwards I glass both and attached them to the hull.


This is the last day for the replica to be inside. Over 100 people showed up to watch or help carry the sub outside and put it on the trailer. The move was intense as at least 80 of us did the move. I was too busy to take pictures but I may aquire some from folks that did help.


This is the next day and the sub is next door to Erics (my brother-in-law) house. That is me up top and Eric below. The trailer has 3 drop axles which allows the bottom of the sub to rest lower than the center of the wheels. It also goes on the trailer backwards. I'm not sure who hung the hula skirt on the stern.


Here is a shot of the lead that I had to notch and put in the footwell. The interior was first epoxy treated and then a mixture of epoxy, cabosil and microballons encapsulated the lead and finally I glassed over it to create the floor. All together there is 1500 pounds of lead which will sink the footwell and add stability.


After fiberglassing the lead in Glynis (my sister-in-law) & I put in the viewing ports. All 3 viewing ports are 1" acrilic and 18" in diameter. Here you get a nice view of the trailers fender!


This photo is taken from the bow. The big empty space is where the deck gun will be mounted. The safety rails are now on and my daughter Molly is about to go down into the hull.


Here she is at the bottom of the newly installed ladder looking up into the sun.


This photo is from the "con tower" looking aft. You can see the motor well cover right behind the water tight hatch. Underneath resides a 350cc Honda 4 stroke outboard with a 4-bladed prop. I went with the outboard as the steerable prop avoids the need for a bow thruster.


Here is my final construction photo. I still have to finish the electrics and running lights plus a bit of outfitting but I will add that to a new group of photos once we are underway!

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