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Welcome to the "Kayak Wing Paddle" page. Wing paddles are the hot ticket if kayak racing or just plain going fast is your passion. The stroke you use with a wing is different than a standard paddle. For instance your up hand usually passes near level with your chin and the wing exits further off the side of the boat. The wing paddle works best with lots of body rotation. Once you get use to a wing you should find it more stable than a standard type of blade. A wing paddle will roll well but is not capable of certain braces you might use with a standard blade. The best way to learn to use a wing is at a paddle clinic for wing paddles. Often the day before a big race someone like Keith Keilor, Greg Barton or Brent Reitz will hold a clinic.


Back in March 2006 Epic moved production to China. Our store policy is to not sell Chinese products and not because of the wonderful Chinese people but because of their government - (See Tibet, Trade Deficit, Repression of Democracy, Arms Sales, forcing down of USAF Jet, etc.) I still get Epics from time to time as trade ins. Epic makes a great product and I would bet the Chinese versions are just as good and I feel poorly about discontinuing my best selling product - but for personal political reasons that was how the Flyer came to be. For 2014 Flyers are now assembled by Valhalla Surf Ski in San Diego, California.


The full size Flyer is designed by Ted Van Dusen. It is our stock blade and is also known as Blade #8. It has the highest twist (22%) of any wing we sell (see photo on right above). It is the paddle I used to win the 2001 USCA Open Sea Kayak & Sea Kayak sprints. I used it again in 2006 & 2007 to win the USCA Unlimited kayak sprints in the 50 year old class. It is a very powerful paddle and I do not use it in long events (I am now 58 years old and only 155 pounds and won the 50-60 sprints using the mid version in 2010 & 2011). It won't cavitate at a high cadence like a lot of other paddles. In a all out 10 second jam I recorded my highest speed with my speedmate of 14.9 mph. It only works with lots of rotation and when used incorrectly by paddling along the side of the hull it will knife under the kayak. You must have a good rotated forward stroke for this paddle. When you use it correctly it really likes to track off to the side very nicely. I use this wing in my stroke clinic as it forces a new paddler to rotate or swim! NOTE: As of May 2011 the Flyer is now available in Large, mid & small mid. I can now use my favorite blade for distance!!!

Our new machined "Quick Loc" only 19 grams! (our plastic locks were 25 grams)

Flyer JR/Tour This small blade is similar to the Epic Mid except it is about 10% smaller with a bit more twist but not as much twist as our stock Flyer. It is a very good blade for light weigh sprinters. I also find it a great touring blade. Also, ultra distance (races over 30 miles long) paddlers seem to like it a lot.


Flyer Adventure Race This mid blade is shorter than most mids but has a lot more depth. The lip is more pronounced with twist just in the forward edge but removed at the trailing edge. It was designed to behave close to a high twist blade and yet have more stability in rough water. It was designed for rough water Surf Ski events. It is very popular with the adventure race crowd as it does not have as steep a learning curve as other paddles and is more forgiving when used incorrectly. It should be ordered about 3 - 5 cm shorter than other wings as it wants a steep entry at the catch. If you paddle it in too long a length it will have a noisy entry. These are available in full carbon with a Quick Loc at about 27 ounces.

The following video will help you understand what wing paddle twist is. The number 8 in the video refers to our stock Flyer paddle. The number 5 in the video is our Adventure Race blade.

There is no extra charge for custom lengths like 208 - 218 for example.




Carbon Flyer small/mid 1 piece kit $299.00 (22.5 oz)

Carbon Flyer mid 1 piece kit $299.00 (22.5 oz)

Graphite Flyer Full 1 piece kit $299.00 (27.1 oz)

Carbon Flyer JR/Tour 1 piece kit $279.00

Carbon Flyer Adventure Race 1 piece kit $279.00

Carbon Flyer small mid "Quick Loc" 200-210cm $379.00

Carbon Flyer small mid "Quick Loc" 205-215cm $379.00

Carbon Flyer mid "Quick Loc" 200-210cm $379.00

Carbon Flyer mid "Quick Loc" 205-215cm $379.00

Carbon Flyer mid "Quick Loc" 210-220cm $379.00

Carbon Flyer Full "Quick Loc" 210-220cm $379.00

Carbon Flyer Full "Quick Loc" 215-225cm $379.00

Carbon JR/Tour "Quick Loc" 200-210cm $359.00

Carbon JR/Tour "Quick Loc" 205-215cm $359.00

Carbon Adventure Race "Quick Loc" 200-210cm $359.00

Carbon Adventure Race "Quick Loc" 205-215cm $359.00

Carbon Adventure Race "Quick Loc" 210-220cm $359.00

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